Photography: Toni Bernad, 2009


Broccoli or a modernist mosaic can both be perfect subjects when seen through an image that renders them abstract.

My degree in Contemporary History (1976) and my frequent travels have led me, perhaps in reaction, to attempt to capture, in timeless images, the most indifferent realities.

I began the study and specialized practice of photography in the Photography Workshops of Churchill College, Cambridge University in 1977. I opened my professional studio «! 8 x24» in 1978 in Sarrià (Barcelona), and have been there continuously since then.

Alternating personal compositions and public commissions, architecture, interior design and fashion, large format portrait and personal portraiture, I have always found in the game of whites and shadows, reflections and the geometry of colors, the springboard for my job as a photographer.

I worked for the Photographic Archives of the Museums of Barcelona from 1991 to 1996 and for architecture and interior design magazines such as Quaderns d’Arquitectura, Ianus, Arquitecturas bis, UR, El Croquis, ON, Nuevo Estilo, El Mueble, Casa Viva, El País, La Vanguardia from 1983 until today.

I have done work for major large format photographic exhibitions, such as The 1929 Barcelona Exposition (Miró Foundation, 1979)Architectures for Barcelona (College of Architects, 1979)José Antonio Coderch (Tinell Hall, 1980)Marcel Duchamp (Joan Miró Foundation, 1981), Public Works in Catalonia 1850-1982 (El Born in 1982) and The Large European Projects (Palau Robert, 1987). I have also contributed to books on Barcelona,The Eixample (1983), The Catalogue of the Historical-Artistic Architectural Heritage of the City of Barcelona (1987) From within the Eixample (2003), and on the architect Domenech i MontanerOrchestra Conductor exposition of the Caixa de Barcelona in 1989 andDomenech i Montaner in 2000 Association of Architects, and John Rubió Bellver, Modernist Architect, , Editorial Bisagra (1998-2000)

I have also done fashion photography for“Ferrer i Sentís”, ELLE, Vogue Uomo… and that’s where I found it most difficult to find a stable idea, which is what I’m always looking for. It was intriguing work.

“I noticed that often, under some object, a flower, a stone … something happened that formed a separate image. Photography requires banal objects, and I love the life of objects” (Joseph Sudek 1976)

I have also participated in group exhibitions and conferences in Barcelona, ​​Galicia, Mallorca, Copenhagen, Madrid and Cambridge.

Rosa Feliu, photographer


2013 « Galeria Sa Pleta Freda, Mallorca
2011 «The City Minute to Minute» Arcades, Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid
2009 «18 views of the work of Humberto Rivas» Arts Sta. Monica
2009 «Cerda. 150 years of modernity» Shipyards, Barcelona
2009 «Crisis What Crisis? » Hartmann Gallery, Barcelona
2000 Domenech i Montaner 2000, Association of Architects, Barcelona
1998 Urania Gallery, Barcelona
1997 Urania Gallery, Barcelona
1996 Fotosí, Barcelona
1989 «The Orchestra Conductor, Domenech i Montaner» La Caixa, Barcelona


2014 « Retratos de arquitectos », Escola d’Arquitectura, Barcelona
2014 « Giardineto, Barcelona
2014 « Vallgrassa, Centre Experimental de les arts, Parc del Garraf
2013 « Espai La Rosa de Martínez, Barcelona
2009 Pep Not Gallery 2009, Mallorca
2007 «Rubió i Bellver, modernist architect » Industrial School, Barcelona
2004 «Portraits of vegetables » Antonio Barnola Gallery, Barcelona
2003 «Blanc de Blancs » Sa Pleta Freda Gallery, Mallorca
2003 « L’Eixample from within » Casa Elizalde, Barcelona
1997 Gallery del Café Parisien, Mallorca